South Carolina Eatery Named One Of The Best Roadside Restaurants In America

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If you've spent hours on a road trip, snacking on food you could find in a vending machine or at a counter in a truck stop, you would probably be looking forward to your next real meal. Rather than stop at a fast food chain, why not try a unique roadside restaurant that measures up to some of the best eateries in America?

Cheapism found some of the best roadside restaurants around the country, and one is right here in South Carolina. According to the site:

"America is full of noteworthy roadside restaurants, places that showcase some of the most memorable and unique regional cuisines the country has to offer."

So which South Carolina eatery was named one of the best roadside restaurants in the U.S.?

Shrimp Shack

Located in Saint Helena Island, Shrimp Shack is a little building that packs a big punch serving up all your seafood favorites. Shrimp Shack is located at 1929 Sea Island Parkway in St. Helena Island.

while also experimenting with new recipes each month. Redneck BBQ Lab is located at 12101 NC-210 B in Benson.

Here's what Cheapsim had to say:

"As its name indicates, the Shrimp Shack is little more than a roadside hut along U.S. 21. Its size aside, Shrimp Shack is known for having some of the best seafood in all of South Carolina (some would argue in all of the East Coast). Seafood lovers are big fans of this affordable and delicious hidden gem. Don't miss the shrimp burger, but know that the Shack is cash or check only."

Check out the list here to see Cheapism's picks for the best roadside restaurants in America.

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