It would seem the terrorism is working. We are now terrified.

I sit here at this computer about to type my thoughts. What should I say whoever may take the time to read this commentary? I want to add some light to your lives but I can find none in this. I can't tell you to relax. I can't tell you it's going to be alright because like you I don't know what I'm seeing. I do however see somethings I believe we can all agree on. Fear. Terror. Confusion. A motorcycle backfired in Times Square and hundreds of people broke out into a stampede. 22 people were injured. None seriously although some went to the hospital. The crazy thing is I can't say they were wrong to do so. I would have ran too....with no regrets. I would have grabbed everybody with me and ran for our lives. What I can't stop wondering is how I would feel after I found out it was a motorcycle backfiring. How could I go back to enjoying my night on the town when just seconds ago I was running for my life?

The question I am asking myself is today is how the people who would love to see America fall are viewing all this. We are destroying ourselves from within and I have no idea how we should move forward. What I will suggest is that we all do our best to individually be better than we were yesterday and find things that make us happy instead of becoming addicted to anger. Stop looking for and finding things online that make you angry. I don't care if it's a bunch of puppies in a basket, if it makes you happy drown yourself in it. Hopefully the upcoming football season will provide some needed distraction to what we're in desperate need of. Last suggestion. Download the Iheartradio app and keep Throwback 105.5 in all your crazy friends ear. It will help. Facts.