Man pretending to be police officer pulls over van full of real cops!

I'm crying ova here! 1st...Dude was driving a Nissan Sentra. Doesn't matter what year it was. It's a Sentra. What cop, undercover to parking meter cop, rides around in an unmarked Nissan Sentra? 2nd....Dude had emergency lights attached to this Nissan Sentra. 3rd....He pulled over a van full of real cops for an undetermined traffic violation using an air horn. Some people shouldn't be sent to jail for things like this so when I take over the world every county and state will have an elected "Mama" with an official belt to deliver a state sanctioned azz whoopin! After 2 azz whoopins then they go to jail...where they will recieve an azz whoopin daily. Sounds like a plan. Elect Timmy Tim 2020 for president and Jesus and I will fix it! #WAAA (Whoop Americans Azzez Again)