Well damn! Former NFL player charged with committing a "Jussie Smollet"!

Meat Head Alert!! Okay this idiot Edawn Coughman (We'll call him "E-damn" for the rest of the report) looking to file an insurance claim for his failing businesses in ATLANTA, trashed his own restaurants and reported it to the insurance company as vandalism before he reported the vandalism to police. If that wasn't stupid af on it's own, this particular idiot was seen trashing the business and the crime was reported to the police along with a description of the vehicle. Police responded and caught up with the vehicle. 1 guess to figure who they found driving the vehicle..."E-damn" Coughman. Not only was he in the vehicle reported but the tools and paint he used to vandalize his own business was in the vehicle as well. Another Jussie Smollet indeed. Take this "L" bruh. It's a gold plated one too.