The Viral Video of an Arkansas Police Officer "Chokehold" of a Student

Okay....The above video is 13 seconds of a much bigger situation. All we see a cop in what appears to be him choking out a student but what we don't see is why the office felt the need to handle the situation in this matter. The reason we only see 13 seconds of it is because it's supposed to make us mad and reactive. Initially it does what it's designed to do. Piss us off.

With all that said...I have questions that need answering before (Lil Boosie voice) "I Fire his azz up!" Like what happened before the 13 seconds of video? When a child is unruly what other ways are there to restrain him or her if not physically? These are questions that won't be answered here but hopefully in the future we take the time to "ask" before we take to the streets and demand this officers head on a platter. FYI he's been suspended pending an investigation into this matter.