With People Staying Inside...Time For Some Good Old Fashioned Board Games!

So the kids are out of school here in SC for at least 2 weeks and people are acting like Grandma never made us turn off the TV and sit still during Lightning storms. Think back to that time and your ability to keep yourselves entertained. Board games! We'd pull out the Monopoly game and play for hours. I'm lifetime undefeated amongst my family by the way. I was always the Thimble and my strategy was....SIKE!! I would never divulge my strategy. I plan on being on my death bed undefeated in Monopoly. There are plenty of board games for plenty of age groups so when you're out buying up all the Lysol and Clorox Wipes grab some of these board games for the kids to play while they're out of school. Now you could let the teenagers come up with their own ways to pass the time but just make sure the Sheriffs department and your local Fire Department to be on stand by. LOL! Just kidding.....kinda.