Here's A Safe date Night...In My UNPROFESSIONAL opinion. A Drive In Movie!

Boy OH BOY!! "If you won the lottery what would you do?" Is a question we all have been asked a time or 2 in our lives and most answers are the same. "A house, A car and I'd quit my job." HA! Ask me that during the current Rona virus situation and I'd say, "A Drive In Movie Theater!" with unprecedented quickness. I'd buy a few thousand acres. Put up 4 screens with 4 lots. Count Money. In that order. Think about it! All food would be served in drive thru fashion. You'd get your popcorn and drink and then park your vehicle, enjoy the movie and then go home without ever coming into contact with anyone else outside of the people you came with. As far as restrooms go I'd provide "pee cups" for those who don't want get out of their vehicles to use my restrooms. LOL! I'm joking...but it is something I would consider.