Why Is All This Video Of Ahmaud Arbery Being released and Is It Working?

Okay so why is all this old footage of Ahmaud Arbery being released? We know why. Brunswick Police are trying to paint him out a criminal or some sort of miscreant. Before you get mad af and react to this string pulling you should know...it ain't working. No video they have released has achieved its goal. All these videos show us with eyes and experience the life of a poor young man who didn't ever seem to get the good end of anything. In this video they show Ahmaud leaving a Walmart with some much younger boys when the police pull and detain them. They are not running and have bags in their hands to indicate to me they had been thru a register at some point. They listen. Don't run and comply with the officers commands. Walmart security shows up and explains they were riding Bike's in the store and says they rolled a 65 inch TV somewhere. The video never shows them with any TV (Walmart should provide any video pertaining to this incident) and handcuffs were put on Ahmaud because he stood up to explain some things after hearing the discussion between the Security and Brunswick police. Again let me say the every video released to assassinate this young man's character has failed in its quest. All they shown me is a system that needs community oversight in a major way.