OPINION: FedEx Fires Employee For Confronting Customer and Rightfully So.

Often times our anger gets in the way of our logic. This is one of those times. Here's what allegedly happened off video. Driver delivers package and at some point walks on the grass and the homeowner comes outside cussing him about it. ROLL VIDEO. After all was said and done Dude and his buddy were fired. Rightfully so. It's not that they couldn't stand up to the rude customer. It's that they shouldn't have responded to a person who before he opened his mouth had no control over your life. Until the driver gave it to him. Now You have to accept the CONSEQUENCES OF DECISIONS MADE. Let explain these particular consequences in a way we can all understand.

DRIVERS: Unemployed depending for the moment on a Go Fund me page and public sympathy.

CUSTOMERS:Still has his house, job and more than likely a check from FedEx for his troubles.

You are an employee in company clothes and a company vehicle threatening someone who if he had accepted the invitation and came out of his yard, you would have cost them millions in lawsuit litigation and bad press. I don't know where these 2020 rules come from but if you think FedEx did them wrong you gone learn today that what you won't do is "Eff Wit Da Money!" BIG FACTS.