Denzel Washington Intervenes to Deescalate Tense Situation w/ L.A. Police!

Excuse my masculinity for a second while I say "Yaaaaaas Denzel!" Now....Back to the situation. Denzel Washington was a passerby in LA when he noticed a tense situation with Police and a Black man and gets involved. Denzel Washington. World Famous actor. 20 million bucks a movie Denzel Washington. The reason is obvious. He's a tired Black man in America. He's tired of seeing situations that are small and routine become National embarrassments for an entire country. He's tired much like we are and no matter how much he himself experiences privilege most Black men will never experience because he's Denzel, his actions in the above video proves my theory. I pray this video is discussed, dissected and a call to action from all classes of citizens raise their influential voices to help us reach our potential for greatness as we unite in our humanity and decency. A dream for now.