This Is Why Police Are Under Fire.

(NSFW W/STRONG LANGUAGE) 2 kids walking down the street in the middle of the road are confronted by police. Detained and searched. 1 was arrested. The arrest wasn't due to any offense the kids committed, it was because he didn't "act right" even tho he knew these narcotics officers are conducting a jaywalking stop JUST to search them for drugs. They are not traffic cops. Why stop them and confront them for "jaywalking?" Did they suspect them of narcotics and why? Apologies for the strong language but I wanted you to see this and have these conversations with your sons and daughters so they can be aware. This was not good and will never be acceptable. Experiences like these will stay with these kids for the rest of their lives. It will affect them as well as those around them. All behind some "Jaywalking." Too much indeed.