Columbia City Police Officer Fired For Use of Racial Slur in 5 Points!

The City of Columbia Police officer who used a racial slur in front of a crowd of people including a black man has been fired by the City Of Columbia. After entering a bar in 5 Points to clear it out for violating a city ordinance to stop serving alcohol after 11pm, Sgt Daniel Walker began telling people to put down their drinks and leave the bar. In my opinion he was a bit aggressive for whatever reason. Raising his voice and telling a young black man that if he drank that (a drink in his hand) he would go to jail. The young man responds (I can't make out what he says on the tape) allegedly using a racial slur and the rest of what happened is why he was fired. Officer Walker seemed to take exception to the slur and responded, "You're obviously color blind sir!" and then said "Stop calling me ignorant sir!" .

I have a question....How can you say the word means "ignorant" and not black people when you originally said he was color blind insinuating you could not possibly be what he supposedly called you? No answer? Ok! Moving on.

Then officer Walker goes outside and continues getting in the faces of some patrons who wanted to know why he was using that word. He then pointed his finger at the black man and said the word repeatedly while asking the white guy if the black the person who just called him a racial slur. In my opinion trying his best to obtusely refer to the black man as a racial slur. Let me say this....I'm not going to say the officer is a racist despite the obvious evidence because it wouldn't be fair to label him based off a moment from his life. However, I do believe the city was right to fire him. Confidence in our police is imperative. The officer has been caught on tape using a racial slur. Some would argue that was the reason O.J Simpson got off because of testimony that an arresting and investigating officer Mark Furman used the N-word in an unrelated therapy situation. It wasn't even on tape and it mattered. A jury must be able to believe an officer is unbiased and you can best believe any lawyer moving forward that didn't bring that up when he's the arresting officer would be slack as hell. Officer Daniel Walker has now become a liability to law enforcement and has to be fired. Hopefully he will not move to another department in another area because this night in 5 Points will always follow him. Fair or unfair? Debatable. Is it what it is until it's something else? Absolutely.