Bear Wakes sleeping man! The Moral To This Story Is People Are Different.

Okay so I'm sleeping by my pool on a nice Sunday afternoon and suddenly I'm awakened by something touching my foot. Here re the next 3 seconds as I see it happening. I open my eyes and they show me a Bear. My eyes take control of the situation and immediately contact the legs and feet on a 3 way call. "THIS IS A LEVEL 5 ALERT!!! BEAR!!!!" and the magic begins! My right leg responds, "Direction to Flee?" as my left leg starts to complain, "I need to stretch 1st!" My Brain who is just catching up gets on the call, "There's NO TIME! Head EAST!!" The Lungs who don't know anything about anything chime in wondering where did all this air in them came from and why they can't let it out? The Heart says to the lungs, "Hold on to all of it because I'm cranking this bad boy up! GO! GO! GO!" I'm now moving at a speed that's 3 times faster than sound.

The dude in the VIDEO pulls out his phone and records the Bear.

People Different.