New Jersey "UFO" Sighting Proves Social Media Is Faster Than News Media!

New Jersey People saw something in the sky they hadn't ever seen before. It was just floating there over the city, flashing it's lights and occasionally moving in a complete circle. The lights of this unidentified object changed colors as if to indicate an incoming invasion. People pulled out their cell phones and began to go live on Social Media. Panic had begun to take form as people logged on to see the Aliens preparing to attack because everybody knows if you're gonna take Earth out...start with New Jersey. Someone eventually tagged a News outlet so they could see and spread the word to the citizens of Earth to prepare for the War of the Worlds!

The News media is on it! Well....kinda. The News Media has responsibilities to only report the facts as they know it and to verify any news received before reporting to the public. They did just that. Calling airports and whoever else that could explain what that was in the sky over New Jersey. Turns out it was a brand new Goodyear Blimp just taking some laps over the city. What? A Blimp? Yes. A Blimp. News media saves the day with some research and good reporting. Great job! Now let me take these Guns back I just bought. Well most of them anyway.