COSTCO To Stop Carrying SC Based "Palmetto Cheese"

Well! There's a lot to unpack here. Costco is pulling a popular cheese after the company's owner made a post on Facebook that called the Black Lives Matter movement a "terror organization."  From what I can put together with my not keen investigative abilities, it would appear we have another teachable moment regarding "consequences." Pull up a chair kids and lets go over this again. Consequences. They are never right or wrong. They are either good or bad.

The company's owner, Brian Henry who is also the Mayor of Pawley's Island, made the comments on Facebook August 25 and the post has since been deleted. Henry nor Costco has said that this was the reason for the decision to remove his products from 120 stores, in fact Henry said it was because Costco regularly pulls and adds products while Costco has refused to comment at all on their reasoning. Here's the teachable moment....

Anybody can keep their mouths closed but can you just Shut up? It's really hard to do. It's hard to keep your mouth closed when you're passionate about something. Right or wrong, you believe it and by golly (whatever that means) you're gonna speak your mind! You can do that. Anytime you want.

What you can't do is control the consequences.

Consequences are like the ripples in a lake when you throw a rock into it. They go where they go and all you can do is watch until they calm. If you want still waters, don't throw a rock in it.

There will be a test coming up for us all shortly so remember this lesson learned.

For those of you who are wondering why there's a black woman on the lid, it's explained who she is in the origin video. Check it out.