T.I. Gets Caught up In a Restaurant Dispute When He wasn't Even There?


Okay...Here we go. So part 1. An Atlanta couple shows up to eat at a restaurant that has a "No Sneaker" policy in particular, his Nike Air Force Ones. When told this, they noticed another woman (who was white) wearing Addidas sneakers and begin to question it. Above video.

Afterwards, the previous video starts to go viral and the owners of the restaurant reach out to T.I. and he agrees to meet to discuss the incident. (Above Video)

Now...The couple has since made a video that has too much language in it to post to this page, saying that T.I. didn't reach out to them and also INSINUATING that T.I. was wrong for taking the owners side. . Now there are 2 more videos available of this saga including one where T.I. responds to them saying he didn't reach to them when says he did, but those vids are too hot for Throwback1055.com!