Bears In Convenience Stores?? The what in Where??

There's a lot of problems here in the great state of South Carolina that wouldn't ever be a problem. I have no idea where this Bear or this store is. I only know what would happen in a S. Carolina store if one of our SC Bears came into an establishment where our kids are. We would 1st call somebody and explain what's happening and then the world would come down on that Bear. There would be so many tranquilizers hanging out that Bear he look like a over grown sleeping porcupine as we loaded his bear a$$ on a truck to take him back to the woods from whence he came. That's on a good day in my opinion. Do we even have Bears in SC? Ion know but the way I see it if there are some, they know better than to walk in a SC store. Too many 2nd amendment lovers here in the state for this to EVER be a ongoing issue.