SC Teachers Are Quitting Due To Covid 19 Concerns!

Richland 2 has lost 12 teachers due to concerns about the Covid 19 virus. An unidentified teacher from Kelly Mill Middle School says, "I felt like I had other people to consider not just me, but I have other people to consider in my house hold." The teacher continues, "I love my students, so that was pretty difficult for me. I actually kind of sobbed at the end of that but I knew that I had to leave." The teacher reported that at least 6 other teachers have resigned for fear of contracting the virus and taking it home to their loved ones saying, "We weren’t given an option to stay home even though they mentioned accommodations, people were applying with serious terminal illnesses and they were denying it even against doctors’ wishes."

Our thoughts and prayers here are for everyone including those here on our staff. I'd also like to say..."If you see a working teacher...Thank a working teacher."