Queen Elizabeth Plans To Call Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Personally

Queen Elizabeth is taking action to heal the rift in her family.

On Thursday (March 11), The Daily Mail released a new reporting claiming Her Majesty plans to call Prince Harry and Meghan Markle personally within the next few days. A source told the outlet the Queen hopes her call is taken as an "olive branch" by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Reaching out to Harry and Meghan isn't the only action Her Majesty is taking, either. The source told the Mail Queen Elizabeth has ordered a "three-line whip" within the Palace. This is an order of the "highest level," according to the outlet. This particular measure is to ensure palace staff doesn't disclose any more private information publicly.

Additionally, Queen Elizabeth made sure Harry and Meghan were made aware of Buckingham Palace's official statement on the matter before it was publicly released. It is believed Her Majesty insisted on making the statement more "compassionate" and directed courtiers to use the term "recollections may vary" instead of a firm denial of all accusations.

“It is difficult to underestimate how shell-shocked everyone is by what has happened,” another source said of the Royal Family's reactions to the bombshell interview. “People are literally reeling from what has happened and some staff would dearly love to publicly rebut some of what has been said about them."

The Queen. however, has taken a "very measured, sensible approach" and is "leading by example." Like the official statement said, the source reiterated that Her Majesty thinks of this situation as "a matter for her and the family to deal with.”

Photo: Getty

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