Dynamics Of Black Families On Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning for many Black families.

While Turkey Day was once a holiday the Black community was shut out of, it has collectively become the event of the year where we come together, cook our best dishes, and dress up to the nines just to feast in the living room.

Through social media, we've found that not only do Black families share similar menu items, but we also share similar Black family experiences on and leading up to the day, including the week-long preparation at least one of the family's chef takes on and, of course, the pre-dinner prayer that may go a little too long.

Keep scrolling for TikToks, tweets, and memes that hilariously nail the dynamics of Black Thanksgiving.

Breakfast doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving.

The food won't be ready until hours after the designated time.

Your favorite food might be gone before you even reach the pot.

Having your foil paper ready because you'll most likely eat leftovers until Christmas.

Aunts, uncles, and cousins will want to know all your business.

Pulling out your best outfit just to eat it in the living room.

You might still be seated at the kid's table, even if you have your own kids.

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