White Student Says Black People 'Should Not Be Alive' In Racist Rant

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A Colorado middle school student has sparked outrage after he said Black people "should not be alive" in a racist rant caught on video, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

The video was circulated among students at Greenwood Village's West Middle School in September.

“Black n—ers are cotton pickers,” a student said in a 26-second video. “They should not be alive right now. I hate their skin color. I hate how they talk. They just stink up the room.”

The video was reportedly recorded off-campus but shared in a group text with students.

Parents of Black students expressed outrage with school officials after the student in the video reportedly received a two-week suspension.

“One of the students laughing sent the video to my child. It was a racist manifesto. My initial reaction when I saw the video was if I’m going to hear about a mass shooting. It seemed like a preamble to someone that would mass shoot up a school,” a father told CBS News.

Cherry Creek School District declined to confirm specifics of the student's discipline but said it was "significant" and "their parents were responsive to the severity of the situation.”

“While this incident occurred off campus, we realized the potential impact this video would have on the student community,” Lauren Snell, spokesperson for the district, said in a statement.

The Rocky Mountain chapter of the NAACP also condemned the video.

“In a world where school shootings are the norm, this matter is serious and needs to be addressed immediately to prevent another mass school shooting like Columbine and many across the nation,” the organization said in a statement.

Watch the video here.

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