Netherlands Fans Don Blackface While Dressing Up As Soccer Star Ruud Gullit

Photo: Getty Images

Several Netherlands fans were spotted wearing blackface while attempting to dress as soccer star Ruud Gullit during a match, per the DailyMail.

On Sunday (June 16), Euro 2024 kicked off with the Netherlands defeating Poland 2-1 at Volkspark Stadium in Berlin.

A group of fans appeared to don blackface, dreadlock wigs, and orange Gullit jerseys in an attempt to emulate the soccer star.

Blackface is an especially contentious issue in the Netherlands, known for its traditional Christmas character Black Pete. The appearance of the character, historically played by white actors in blackface, curly afro wigs, and red lipstick, at Christmas festivals and on television is debated annually.

Social media users condemned the Netherlands fan for taking part in the racist practice.

"Black face is always derogatory idc. If this apart of your culture, then your culture is RACIST 🤷🏾‍♀️. You can pay hommage without it!" one X user tweeted.

Warning: Explicit

"There are many things I love about the Netherlands, but the INSANELY RACIST costumes are not one of them!!" another X user wrote.

"Absolutely zero surprise. Same country still “celebrates” Zwarte Piet, aka, Black Pete, at Christmas…" a third user said.

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