Black Family Treated As 'Criminals', Harassed By White Neighbors: Lawsuit

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A Black family alleges they've been persistently harassed by their white neighbors since moving into their suburban Maryland neighborhood of Calvert Manor in Accokeek.

On Wednesday (June 19), Angela and Prince Floyd filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Prince George's County, Calvert Manor Civic Association (CMCA), and several neighbors, alleging that they've been targeted and harassed because they're Black, per WGNO.

The Floyds said they've been subjected to more than 100 police complaints since moving into their home. Most of the complaints were allegedly made while the couple was hosting social gatherings on their property. According to the lawsuit, none of their neighbors submitted "a single complaint to the police when white residents of the community host similar private gatherings."

According to the family, neighbors also “conspired amongst each other and improperly levied various political connections to target the Floyds with unjustified law enforcement and code enforcement actions, including frivolous citations and the installation of ‘no parking’ signs along the Floyds’ property line.” County governmental agencies were also allegedly misused “to harass and intimidate the Floyds.”

The Floyds further allege that their white neighbors publicly called them "criminals" and claimed the family “was destroying the fabric of the Calvert Manor neighborhood.”

“The actions taken against the Floyds are deeply troubling and represent a blatant disregard for their civil rights,” Jordan D. Howlette of JD Howlette Law, who is representing the family, said in a statement.

According to the lawsuit, CMCA “a civic organization for households in the Calvert Manor neighborhood that is comprised almost entirely of white residents,” also wrongfully denied them membership.

The Floyds are seeking damages and injunctive relief to prevent further mistreatment from their neighbors.

“No family should have to endure such egregious acts of harassment and discrimination based on their race, especially within their own community,” Howlett said in a statement. “This lawsuit seeks accountability for the substantial harm inflicted upon the Floyds, and other families like them, while also serving as a reminder that everyone has federally protected rights to enjoy their home without fear of racial bias and intimidation.”

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