Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested in CC for stalking his wife!

A Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Deputy is facing charges after being arrested in Columbia County for allegedly violating a protective order against his wife.

John Sharkey was terminated from his position at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, December 3, for ‘conduct unbecoming an officer and criminal acts’. Sharkey was also cited (for a Nov 23rd chase) with reckless driving and attempting to elude as a result of the pursuit that began in Columbia County, led into Richmond County and ultimately ended at the South Carolina state line." notice was sent out for Sharkey as a possible suicidal subject.

He was arrested in Columbia County on December 4, and charged with Aggravated Stalking.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Daniel Craig issued a warrant for Sharkey's arrest for allegedly violating a family violence protective order issued by the court on Nov. 24. According to the warrant, the court received sworn testimony that he intended to violate the order by harassing and intimidating his wife. 

He is currently being held at the Columbia County Detention Center. His bond will be denied until he is presented to the court and upon notice to the District Attorney according to the warrant.